Dead Ahead:Zombie Warfare By Mobirate-My experience Playing 

So I was looking for game on a gaming website and I came across Dead Ahead:zombie warfare by Mobirate. It looked interesting  but actually was very boring. When I first played it, I remember seeing one thing that really caught my eye.

An that was the energy system. An I rolled my eyes in frustration.So I didn’t really expect much. I got onto the map and seeing multiple locations with almost about half or more being unexplorable an costing “fuel” ,the game’s energy system. An i rolled my eyes in even more frustration. Even though you can get fuel by loot crate or watching ads by that still wasn’t enough for me.

An half of the map was like this:

An to make matters worse to do missions take two fuel each, out of twenty. An the funny thing those fuel cans you see in the picture also unlock  new areas that can’t be unlocked by completing missions.

 An each fuel can takes nine minutes to replenish. It was if the game was giving me the finger for trying to play it but it is a free game trying to be an arcade game in the modern era.

In the modern era people own  the device that their playing. An in the old era of arcade machines people didn’t. An a company lived and died in the arcade era by making a good  or bad game.

An this game isn’t good. An because i own my device that i am playing. This game telling me i can’t  play it without waiting makes me irritated and angry.

An the combat wasn’t any better basically the game played itself. An it was very simplistic. Here is a screenshot of the combat system.

On the left side highlighted by the orange box is points and rage. Points are gained over time and is used to buy troops that take time to deploy & rage is gained by killing zombies and buying barrels an medic kit. An the black bar is just how much coins i had  at the time.

The objective is simple get the troops to the barricade. An start smashing it, While keeping zeds from attacking the bus.

An that was very boring for me. The combat was automatic and  I really did nothing besides buying troops. It just wasn’t exciting for me.

Oh yeah it also has that thing that chases you in alot of endless mobile runner games. After a certain period of time. A stampede of fast runing zeds will appear and those zeds destroyed my bus causing me to lose. An waste fuel on that mission. I wasn’t very happy about it. 😦

An the next thing that i found out

is that troops also required random items to level up with coins as well. Which was another middle finger by the game(an the bus required coins to upgrade too). There are ways to get it but i am  very sure later on. It gets harder,  the most efficient way is to buy loot crates for it.An i don’t like that. As of now i am uninstalling the game.

Rating: 1/5


•There are none.


•Simplistic combat system

•Energy bar system

Things I forgot to mention

The bus also uses items to upgrade stats.

To get new troops you most pay for them. An level up to unlock them by completing missions for exp.

•Rage at maximum makes the bus driver aka sheriff shoot a minigun.

•There are different type of zombies. 

•There is a trader that you can se items for coins or buy from but its only three items. 

•There is also daily rewards but its random.

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My Experience Playing Experiment Z.

So I was on the play store looking for games to play. An there it was Experiment Z  So I decided to download it expecting a “Good Game” and instead I got a big pile of shit the size of Mount Everest. When I first started the game it showed me the unity screen and crashed multiple times. I felt frustrated and angry I couldn’t get it to run. So I started it again for one last time and changed the settings to there lowest parameters. An then I could properly play it. 

An the game looked like dogshit. The graphics were bad but at least its playable. So I was in this 3d world. An I was amazed because of there not a lot of 3d zombie survival games that can be played without crashing in the next five seconds! So I was in the game and spawned at a tent with food. I picked up the food and looked to see if I could find some zombies.

I did find the zombies and they were kicking my ass! Every time I got to a location with zombies. I was immediately spotted and attacked. An died multiple times. Every time I used my fists it didn’t register an attack because five hits in. The zombie was doing more damage than me. My only salvation was to get into a car an hope the zombies don’t follow me. 

Unfortunately, I reversed and got stuck on a cliff. So multiple zombies in the area started swarming me and started attacking but the funny thing is. I wasn’t taking any damage and they were passing through the car like nothing was there. I was trapped and decided to head to the docks. An run for it. So I ran to the dock only form the gas mask zombie to kill me. An I have seen this thing before in many other bad games. A fucking unity asset bought off the unity store. Then it hit me. These developers(App holdings) can’t program shit. It’s just a bunch of assets they bought off the unity store. Automatically making this game a pile of dog shit.

But I decided to play further as the only thing. I enjoy in this game is driving. Unfortunately, the vehicles also require fuel and the only to get fuel is to either but it with real money or find it. I can’t believe App holding is asking money for this piece of shit.  If I had to name a price for this game. It would Zero  Dollars ($0). This game isn’t worth anything. So after the fuel was done. I had to find more. After hours of searching, i came up empty. So I decided to explore the world. An found it all of it is just an asset bought off the unity store with no sense to match up with the theme of the game. I also discovered crafting but it’s useless and pointless. It even had fishing. So I decided to go to the lack and see if I could see these fish. An to my surprise(Not really) there was no fish.  An I was sinking to the bottom. An not drowning at all. My health wasn’t decreasing or anything. I stood there for five minutes waiting for something to happen. An nothing occurred. And the entire lake was empty. It was filled with water but the lake is empty. So how there be fish?

So after more hours of playing this game. I found a military base. Which didn’t look so military? An found a rifle with ammo

but just like I tried to fight a zombie with my fists. It didn’t end well. Every bullet fired wasn’t registering a hit. So an army of path finding zombies was coming at me. It took at least five to eight shots to kill one zombie. An headshots are non-existent in this game. I tried that on multiple zombies nothing happened. It was the same thing. Headshots don’t exist in the game. An it’s a zombie game. And that there should tell anyone how awful it is. 

Now I noticed something but not really  every time I got seen by a zombie. It would make this screeching noise and then when its starts running towards it would this tired dog noise. An thats sums up the game. Its dog shit and  it’s asking for money. It deserves nothing.

I gave Experiment Z. A rating of one star on the play store. As its just terrible.  An  now let us pray for the poor souls. Who paid the microtransactions in this game.